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Your Guide: Elsa Maria

Elsa Maria is in the middel of her life working as tour guide in The Faroe Islands. She is born and raised in the middel of Tórshavn, the capital of The Faroe Islands.

She grew up among animals because of her grandfather and great grandfather. Back in the days they were a working family who got a peace of cultivated land, used to provide their families with food. Today Elsa Maria owns a little farm with some sheeps, geese, hens and islandic horses which she feeds every day.

Elsa Maria has a big heart for both the animals and the unique nature and loves to get out there by car, boat or just hiking. She thinks she won the lottery because she’s born here. Especially the natures scenery and shifting weather has fascinated her. As she says: ”You can visit the same places every day, but it’s always unique because of changing weather and seasons”.

Elsa Maria is both an experienced and educated tour guide. If you choose to book a tour with her, she will do her very best for you to experience the beauty of the Faroe Islands in a both safe and personal way.

Through every step of the journey it is carefully ensured that it is as practical for you as possible - from when you are picked up to where you are dropped off. Snacks and drinks are included for free, and you have the option of ordering delicious food.

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